100% Inasal

Thinking of franchising business? So you're a young entrepreneur and your're looking at your finances - you see that there's a little bit of capital lying idle. Not really for a mainstream business push, bur for something small.

100% Inasal is the solution to your problem. The home of the original "Whole Chicken Inasal," marinated and coocked to the same taste as the real ones in the Visayas, it is very easy to manage and guarantee you worry-free operation. Our franchising support system is so stress free that you do not slave at the store all day and instead get a full time job while it operates on ts own.

By starting a neighborhood kiosk business, you can put your money to good use. The Pinoy diner's need for delicious and authentic Inasal as a quick alternative to preparing a meal hardly needs explaining - getting on the food business is very simple and easy. So, look around your community. There is a lot of potential for a 100% Inasal Kiosk waiting to be explored.